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For the Curious and the Serious - Webinar Series - Great webinar with Nichole Huggins, Director of Special Needs at Prestonwood, who shares her heart for ministering to children with special needs. We will discuss how special needs ministry can be a vital outreach to foster and adoptive families.


For the Curious and the Serious - Webinar Series: Watch webinar from Christian attorney, Eric Freeby. Eric and his staff represent most of the adoption agencies in our state, as well as handle private, independent adoptions, and adoptions through CPS.  He will be providing an Adoption 101 presentation - this will be a great time to bring any and all questions related to adoption! Click here for handouts.

For the Curious and the Serious - Webinar SeriesFrom Oct 24th - Watch webinar from experienced family counselor and adoptive dad Jim Harlow. Jim will shared practical advice on how to connect, build trust, and meet our kids' needs, even in the middle of bad behavior.







For the Curious and the Serious - Webinar Series: For those who missed our webinar on  'Navigating the Public School System to Support my Child'

For previous webinars on informative topics on foster care/adoption, visit our YouTube channel at: 

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